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About Us

Looking for delicate pieces of jewelry that reflects the essence of who you are? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
We are a brand that stands for beautiful, everyday jewelry with meaning. At the heart of Lynor lies hope, joy, adventure and individuality. Jewelry has always enlightened our souls and filled our hearts and Lynor - meaning light - is our way of sharing this happiness and hope with you. This idea is reflected in our unique yet wearable pieces, which serve as a daily reminder for the wearer.
At Lynor, we create pieces that resonate with you on a deeper, more personal level so you can cherish them for generations. Modern, playful and easy-to-wear, each piece serves as an extension of your own personal style and a celebration of everyday moments.
With roots in Syria, the Middle East and Britain, our designs are almost an intricate affair between the East and the West - the vibrant cities, the ever-changing landscapes, the warm people, the overwhelming rich history. We combine ancient aesthetics with modern designs to create something extraordinary and timeless; just like you.
Lynor is the essence of the thoughtful modern spirit. Carefree yet purposeful, laid-back yet elegant, timeless yet meaningful. Essentially you.



Designed for women of all ages, our pieces are timeless yet practical and elegant to be worn, shared, given, received, and above all, cherished. Everyday. We balance the classical with contemporary at Lynor, to bring to you pieces that are crafted meticulously with the finest materials.
Our timeless yet practical pieces of jewelry are here to elevate your outfit, help you look and feel your best from day to night.


We’re proud of our products and the people who made them. Before it gets to you, every piece of our jewelry is passed through many skilled hands: from gem and gold miners all over the world to talented artisans in our studios.
Ethically sourced. Expert craftsmanship. Distinctive designs. It’s modern, everyday jewelry that speaks to us. It might speak to you too.
All our products are made in the UAE, in factories run by people we know and trust.


We know you’re busy.
So we make it easy for you to discover the piece of jewellery that calls out your name from the comfort of your home! Because that’s what technology is for - your favourite memories woven in soulful and timeless designs are now accessible at the tips of your fingers.
Find what you love, and you can order it online. We’ll deliver it to your home, to the room of your choice.


Call us picky, but we believe high standards are a good thing.
We believe that you deserve jewelry that lives up to your dreams. So we focus on what matters: durable material built for everyday wear and tear and sustainable production.
Lynor’s fine modern jewelry is made from high-quality materials, 18k gold, diamond, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and pearls.
All our materials are sourced ethically and around the world, we work with partners who share our values. Because you deserve the best.